Whale Watching

Whale Watching Aboard Gato Verde

Yes! It is possible to see whales on your Gato Verde cruise! Not only that...you may be able to hear them too. Above the water, Gato Verde is so quiet that we often can hear the whales breathing. A very different experience than you would have on typical large crowded whale watching boats with the noise, smell and vibrations of the engines.

Pre-2023, on overnight trips aboard Gato Verde we had good odds of seeing the Southern Resident Killer Whales, Transient Orcas, Humpback, Minke, and Grey Whales.

On day trips and sunset cruises out of Bellingham we see our smallest neighborhood whale, the Harbor Porpoise (often with a baby) on about 15-25% of cruises depending on season. On 2-3% of cruises out of Bellingham we see larger whales.

Due to State of Washington rules, we are no longer offering whale watching focused trips. On Gato Verde cruises you still may see whales, but if they are the Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales we must stay at least 1000 Meters from the animals. That said, we still see our other local Cetaceans

Why we don't offer Whale Watching focused trips

The sad truth about whale watching is that we may be "loving them to death." Recent research, some of it done from Gato Verde, shows compelling evidence that the underwater noise created by humans contributes to the challenges that our cetacean cousins currently face. Underwater noise likely limits their ability to communicate & navigate plus locate and hunt food.

Captain Todd has been a pioneer in the eco-tourism and whale watching industry by making conscious ongoing efforts toward mitigating Gato Verde's underwater noise emissions. He has done this on the propulsion front by using wind when he can sail and the amazingly quiet electric motors when he can't sail. Additionally, the sonar system that Gato Verde uses to see under the boat was chosen because it uses sound frequencies beyond the range of the whale's hearing. Gato Verde is the ONLY whale watching vessel that has taken significant steps toward decreasing its impact on the whales.

If you want to learn more about underwater noise plus the research and education conducted aboard Gato Verde check out www.orcasound.net

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