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Pacific Northwest Weather And Water Conditions

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has a rather wet reputation. Don't let this discourage you or get in the way of your fun or learning. In fact, the San Juan Islands get approximately half the rain that Seattle gets. This is because of the "rain shadow" created by the Olympic Mountains. Year 'round temperatures are comfortable. When it does rain, it is usually light and rarely does it rain all day long.

Summer expeditions can expect light winds, lots of sun, average highs in the 70's and a small chance of rain. Spring & Fall can expect stronger, more consistent winds, more precipitation and average highs around 60. Winter expeditions can expect the highest and most reliable winds, most rain, and highs in the mid 40's.

Worried about waves? In addition to the rain shadow, the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island shelter our cruising grounds from the open Pacific swell. The large number of islands in the archipelago help to break up any locally created waves, providing innumerable calm, snug anchorages when shelter is desired.

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Weather Forecast

NOAA Marine Weather Forcast - Northern inland waters including Bellingham and the San Juan Islands

Where To Stay

Chrysalis Inn & Spa - A 43 room hotel and day Spa, on the water front in Bellingham. This hotel provides guests with first class accommodations in a relaxing atmosphere.

Fairhaven Village Inn - Nestled in the heart of the celebrated Fairhaven District in Bellingham, our 22 room Inn blends the charm and personality of yesterday with the amenities and technology of today.

Heliotrope Hotel - A 1950’s motel transformed into a modern Pacific Northwest headquarters for hospitality, relaxation, and recreation. The owners - craftsmen, artists and designers, entrepreneurs, educators, parents, avid adventurers, and community contributors - are all locals who care about this unique northwest corner and your experience here.

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